Lets encrypt on azure linux vm server

i have an Azure Linux VM server hosting my website and the default link is myname.someazurestuff.azure.com.

i wanted to use lets encrypt to make the connection https. i follow the guide and when generating the certificates for the first i forgot to enable port 443 on azure…

i corrected the error and try but now i am getting the error
"there were too many requests of a given type: too many certificates already issued for: azure.com"

what is causing this?

Thanks for the help

Pretty much as it says;

There is a limit of 5 certificates per 7 days per domain

The limit can be increased if the domain is on the PSL, so the choice is either persuading azure.com to add themselves to the PSL, or to use a domain of your own.

Thanks for replying!

can you give me some more details abt the certificates limitations?
how come 5 were used? already?

Also, i tried to register for a free domain with .tk extension … and map it to the azure link…
should i retry to run ./letsencrypt-auto with the new domain.tk ?

Here you can read about the current limits

From the Quick Start Guide:

so all the myname.someazurestuff.azure.com and othername.someazurestuff.azure.com both count towards the same limit of 5 per 7 days.

Yes, I would, as that's a different domain, if it's a top level domain ( somthing.tk ) then you should be fine. If it's a subdomain ( something.someone.tk ) then you may have a similar problem. Well worth trying though :slight_smile: