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Hi guys. I have an issue “Too Many Registration”, but I didn’t receive any approved certificates.

I’m trying to register 1 main domain with 9 aliases. I’m waiting 7 days, still getting this issue.

Can you provide your domain name please, so we can help you better

If the error message is indeed “Too many registrations from this IP”, then the issue is not related to the domain names, but indicates that you’re creating (registering) new ACME accounts at a rate of more than 500 per 3 hours. This sounds more like a buggy client stuck in an infinite loop. Happy to help if you provide more details.

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it says: Too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains: and here list of my 9 aliases.

sent you pm about my issue

Repied to your PM. You have issued a large number of certs for your domain / subdomains.

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