Let's Encrypt Certificate on Synology; Maximum certificate Requests reached

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I am new here, but I was playing with getting a Let’s Encrypt certificate on my Synology NAS for my domain.

Once I had all the settings correct (port 80 accessible etc), I was playing around with the settings on my domain.

Each time I changed a setting, I removed the certificate from my Synology and added it again to see if it kept working.

I was at the point of adding it for the ‘final time’ (all the settings are just fine now) when I got the message that the maximum number of certificaterequests was reached.

Could someone please reset this counter or increase it by 1? I’ve got all the settings in the right way now and would like to add the certificate.

Thanks in advance!

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I guess maybe Synology should look at emphasising that this isn’t a toy service and is rate limited to prevent abuse. There is a staging service (which issues deliberately untrustworthy test certificates and may run newer versions of the software but is otherwise the same) if you want to test software out, otherwise just don’t keep asking for more certificates.

Assuming you requested all these certificates over the course of a single day and that the limit you ran into is for certificates with the same name, you should find it’s able to issue for you again in a week from when the first one was issued, that’s how the rate limits work.

Hi @tialaramex

Thanks for your quick response. I think that is a good idea, when I would have got a notification I wouldn’t have done this.

I requested the certificates indeed over the course of a single day and the limit was for the same domain (same name).

So you say that when I try it again in a week (which is on the 19th of September), I should be able to request a certificate with success?

hi @robbiedj

yes. You can review the rate limits and rate limit policies (i.e. when they expire) set by let’s encrypt here: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/


Hi @ahaw021,

Thank you!

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