Maximum certificate requests reached

Hi there,

I'm trying to install a certificate on my new Synology NAS with a custom sub domain (serveur..) but a message tell me that I've reached the limit for this domain …
I only had a try yesterday. And as I read on the doc there is a max request of 50 / week.

I'm using an SSL certificate from 1and1 for my main domain, is this may be cause a problem ?
Thank you.

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it's five duplicate cert per week limit, where are other five gone?

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I have the same question :sweat_smile:
There is no way that I can download the one already issued ?

private key never leaves your machine so only place it can be is on your nas (if it is there at all)
cert itself is public info, search your domain on

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Okay thanks !
I will change my subdomain to avoid the maximum limit, no problem.

Thank you

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