SSL on Synology dosen't work

Hi guy’s
since a few days i try to get a Let’s encrypt certificate on my Synology NAS. I now what and how to do but…
I always get an message from the let’s encrypt server that says "The maximum amount of certificates for this domain is reached."
I’ve googled this problem already whitout any serious results.
You have an idea what to do?
By the way… I’m using an dyndnss client which offers me an IPv4 adress because my account at home use IPv6. The host name ist

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi @chrisbuenn,

You are probably encountering a rate limit.

I would suggest using a different domain name or asking the people responsible for this name to request a rate limit increase or to list the domain name with the Public Suffix List.

First of all… thank you for the fast answer.
I’ve read something that those rate limits are per week. You now anything about that? If it ist per week i just keep trying… latest after 8 days it should be work.

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