Let's Encrypt Certificate on Godaddy

Hello everyone,

I have been using a Let’s Encrypt Certificate for my website that is hosted by Godaddy for a long time without any problems. Renewing it every 90 days without failure. Now all of sudden after creating the certificate using zerossl.com which I have also used, the certificate is now not being approved by Godaddy when I input it using cpanel. To be exact, I am not getting the green ticks anymore when I copy the domain-crt and domain-key into the relevant fields. There is nothing I am doing wrong, as I have done so many times and I am receiving the notification from zerossl that the certificate is being created successfully. If I were to still install the certificate anyway within cpanel, it installs and reports as successful but my website is reported as being insecure within browsers when tested.

I can’t help but think that Godaddy has put a spoiler on their systems to prevent Let’s Encrypt certificates from being accepted. Has anyone else had similar problems? Your feedback will be appreciated.


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Hi @Notorious,

I'm imagining that if this were so, we would have hundreds of reports of it rather than just one so far.

What's your domain name? What error do the browsers give in this case?

Can you show a screenshot of the cPanel import process? (in this case it's important to redact the private key as this has to be kept secret and should not be shared on a public forum in any form)

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