Let's Encrypt Banned


I cleanly installed a discourse forum software 7 times in the same day.

I guess I can't get an SSL certificate anymore because I did too much testing.

I think I got blocked by Let's encrypt.

I had to fill out a form to remove this obstacle. I have no idea where and how to do this.

Can you help me?


My software: discourse forum software

You guess? What makes you think that? What error message do you get when you try?

I have no idea what makes you think that, but it's exceedingly unlikely that it's the case.

There are no DNS records for forum.nirvana.net, which would preclude issuance of a cert.


I made installed as in the connection and I didn't get any mistakes. The site was working well.


However, for some reasons, I had to set up again and again. In my last installation, I started to receive a warning "This site is not safe". When I use a different SSL instead of Let's Encrypt, this problem disappeared.

Please check the domain again without points.

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There is a limit of 5 identical certs per week. You will have to wait before issuing more certs.


...but no certs have ever been issued for forum.nirvana.net.

What do you mean by "without points"? Maybe you could just post the actual domain name you're using, without obfuscation?


They’re saying its forumnirvana.net/ - you added an extra dot (point) in the middle


Ah. :roll_eyes: What purpose people think obfuscating their domain name serves is a mystery to me. But according to crt.sh, the last cert issued for that domain was on 30 Sep, and the last before that on the 29th--so the duplicate cert limit shouldn't apply. Though crt.sh could be behind again.


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