Let's Encrypt Authority X3 Not trusted

My domain is: www.waitarakitchen.com.au

I used plesk to install the let’s encrypt certificate:

and when I try to do testing in the https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=www.waitarakitchen.com.au

I get a result of not trusted

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That’s the certificate sent by your Plesk server when the client does not support SNI. Don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly normal and every browser and phone supports SNI these days.


Just some extra comment on @_az’s response: The certificate itself is perfectly valid and trusted, however the mismatch error above (in Alternative names section) make the certificate not trusted for the website you tested for. It’s like you and your brother can’t use the exact same ID even if you currently live in the same house and are two nice person. (apologize if I made a bad comparison).

And, definitely no need to worry if your first certificate in this test is valid. There aren’t many clients that works in modern internet environment still don’t support SNI anyway.


No, you do not. You only need one trusted certificate.

Of course, it looks bad for your hosting provider to send another client’s certificate together with yours, but it won’t impact your website.


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