Kapersky not trusting Certificate

Kapersky antivirus is reporting “Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established” when opening a web page. Of course, my user can click on continue and go past this but it is likely going to create trust issues with other users of Kapersky Anti Virus Products.

Is there a solution?

Domain Name: https://lcocwestern.org


As I see, it doesn’t have any trouble. Probably kapersky is breaking itself.

Thank you

Some guesses are that it’s complaining about the TLSv1 support, that this domain is on an individual blacklist, or that it’s complaining about all Let’s Encrypt certificates (!).

At least some configuration info might be in order. Kaspersky doesn’t complain about my certs at all… However when accessing my sites and inspecting the cert(s) it says “verified by Kaspersky” not Lets Encrypt… All of the other info is correct. Valid dates etc… When accessing from a variety of other workstations without Kaspersky installed the inspection behavior is normal…

  • Is Kaspersky installed on the server, or a workstation that is accessing the server?

  • Please consider dumping TLSv1 support and use the following guide to strengthen your cipher suite


And as @schoen states, verify your domain isn’t on a blacklist (always a good idea) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
This is what Kaspersky shows me…



I recall KIS being picky about sites behind Cloudflare for example. While this might not be the case here, are you sure it is actually complaining about your certificate rather that some other one, belonging to a resource you might be pulling content from?

did you try to turn off Kaspersky’s Certificate Scanner (MitM certificate?)

The Verified by Kaspersky means they replaced any certificate by their self-signed certificates. (In your local browser)

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When i'm digging around the web with this message, i saw this link (Which is very interesting)
If possible, can you provide a screenshot of the error screen (since it seems to have several reasons beneath it)
From Official Support Page:

From Third Party:

Thank you

Thank you

@stevenzhu … Sorry it took so long to get to this. You have helped me greatly through your posts and assistance provided to myself and others on this forum. Please continue to do so. (I killed the “Kaspersky MITM” based on your advise) Thanks! :grin:


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