Kaspersky says 'This certificate has an invalid issuer'

I have a MacPro (Safari) user reporting that his Kaspersky says ‘This certificate has an invalid issuer’.

Other users seem fine. cle-france.com is the address they used

His computer time/date is correct. Is this an issue with Kaspersky? Or my vps Apache/nginx server?

having a look at this https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=cle-france.com&hideResults=on

All your configurations seem to be ok.

I am not sure what the trusted root bundle that kaspersky uses is but it might be that Let’s Encrypt is not in it.

Also don’t forget that US has recently placed a ban on Kaspersky product for use by the government. It could be as a response Kaspersky is no longer trusting US CAs (conjecture not fact)

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