No subject alternative DNS name matching <host> found


My previous post on this matter was just closed and now it happened again…
My Java server is using a rest service to retrieve information. Every several months I get an exception from java: No subject alternative DNS name matching found.

They are using letsencrypt as well (me too). This exception happens for few seconds and goes away until next time. From reading in the internet, I saw it’s a problem of the remote server and its certificate. I talked to the support of the service but they say they updated the certificate on January and nothing was done regarding the certificate.

What/where else can I check or tell them to check in order to avoid this error?


Hi @amoss

so it’s not a problem.

If you use an external server, the server may not work.

  • timeouts
  • http status 500
  • wrong configuration
  • random 401/403
  • certificate problems

Your application has to deal with that.

You are right ofcourse but if there’s a way to avoid this in the first place, it will be even better.

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