[ssl:error] hostname provided are different

Hi Friends,
on Apache error log I can see this warning, could be an issue related to a misconfigured letsencrypt setting?

[Sun Apr 15 08:20:13.541009 2018] [ssl:error] [pid 24762] AH02032: Hostname provided via SNI and hostname www.byronhotel.it provided vi
a HTTP are different

Many many thanks!


No, this looks like a client problem to me.

It can be someone performing a scan, for example.

Also, some Internet censorship resistance software uses this kind of request


Normally the requests would only be made to servers that accept them (rather than to random unrelated servers), but it’s slightly possible that either prospective users or Internet censors are doing some kind of Internet-wide scan to attempt to find instances of proxy software.

It could also be a result of a buggy script or buggy web browser of some sort.

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