Issues making certificates

ok i’v looked into it, for some reason firefox doesn’t load the page at all. ill look into fixing that, maybe it will fix the other issue as well

and when i mean it doesnt load, it doesnt parse the responce as a http responce, it prints out the entire responce without parsing it

There’s a Unicode byte order mark before the data.

$ hd xqcLvoVuBoUMWLd9HWLNQuDR9Gs0y36i_LgVKfHu9tk | less
00000000  ef bb bf 48 54 54 50 2f  31 2e 31 20 34 30 34 20  |...HTTP/1.1 404 |
00000010  4e 6f 74 20 46 6f 75 6e  64 0d 0a 44 61 74 65 3a  |Not Found..Date:|
00000020  20 46 72 69 2c 20 32 32  20 4d 61 72 20 32 30 31  | Fri, 22 Mar 201|

Plus it doesn’t close the connection after it finished sending the response.

Edit: Maybe ignore the last sentence. It does send a Content-Length header, which the client ignores, because of the other issue.

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so its sending a header in unicode? wtf

By the way, the time zone in the Date header isn’t “GMT”.

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 22:36:42 UTC+1

ok ill fix that in a bit, you sure that the UTF-8 header isnt just comming from wget writting to the file?

wget doesn’t add BOMs for no reason.

yea i’v set it up to where i serlize it and send it directly to the socket stream, the stupid ass StreamWriter thought it was writting to a file.

but the lets encrypt attempt still failed.

at least it load in firefox now

What error message did Let’s Encrypt have now?

1 sec, i got to remove some code to allow me to debug the error

ok i got a key type error, BUT IT FRIKING WORKS!

thank you so much man, i never NEVER would have thought it would add in an encoding header. and probably would of just given up. so thank you SO MUCH!!!

now i got a new issue. ;-;

’ policy forbids issuing for: “exhibitionhttptestingserver”’ ’
is this just something with the staging server?

The production and staging rules should be about the same, AFAIK. What name did you actually try to get a certificate for? It has to be something syntactically valid and not blacklisted (e.g. a large bank). would be good, localhost or would not.

Certes.AcmeRequestException: ‘Fail to load resource from ‘’.
urn:ietf:params:acme:error:malformed: Error finalizing order :: policy forbids issuing for: “exhibitionhttptestingserver”’

this is the Csr Info:


ok yea, i just relized my stupidity, the CN has to be the DNS name -_-

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