Issue while creating certificate

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My domain is:

I ran this command:
php bin/acme setup --server letsencrypt --email

php bin/acme issue --domains --path /home//public_html/alexandria_html --server letsencrypt

It produced this output: It returs nothing, not even an error

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: hostinger

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know): yes

Time ago I did it with another subdomain wit no problem following this steps (The ones I’m following now):, but my certificate renewal didn’t happen so I’m trying to generate another one but it doesn’t work, neither to create certificates for a new subdomains.

Also, do I need to uninstall or delete the old alexandria certificate to create the new one? (Still I can’t create for other subdomains as I said)

Thank you in advance.

Should that have double slash ?

Difinitely NOT.
Deleting certs won't fix anything and may makes matters worse.

no, srry, it's supposed to be /home/my_ssh_username_here/public_html/

Please show the acme file location:
find / -name acme


´and after this a lot of permission dennied, mostly in var/lib/mysql

cd /home/my_ssh_username_here/acme-client/bin/
php ./acme setup --server letsencrypt --email
php ./acme issue --domains --path /home//public_html/alexandria_html --server letsencrypt

same result :frowning: I wrote it with my ssh username after /home/ though

I would reinstall it.
And talk with your host provider about it.

Hostinger has LE certs through cPanel and also now advertise Lifetime LE SSL certs for one time $11.95 setup price.
[which may be competing with the do-it-yourself method]

I have one Lifetime LE hired, I’m did the rest manually, so… if I reinstall maybe I would lose the lifetime one? also… how can I reinstall it? is there a guide or something?

Only Hostinger can answer those questions.

okey! thank you very much!

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