Trying to renew the certificate gives me error


I have a domain which has letsencrypt certificate issued and set to it.

Now the certificate as expired and I am trying to renew it, but keep getting the error -

Could not obtain directory.
Could not obtain directory.
exception ‘Kelunik\Acme\AcmeException’ with message ‘Issuance failed, not all challenges could be solved.’ in /home/brainffw/acme-client/src/Commands/Issue.php:106

After connecting to the server’s ssh from the MacOS terminal, I am using this command to renew in my MacOS terminal -

php acme-client/bin/acme issue --domains --path /home/brainffw/public_html:/home/brainffw/public_html --server letsencrypt

(I had set a cron job using the same command, but it did not seem to work hence I am trying to do it manually using the terminal)

Can you please help me?


What acme client are you using?

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This one -

My hosting provider - resellerclub provided me with this which I followed.

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Have you tried running acme-client auto as per their docs and not running it as you are now?

If that doesn’t work, it would be worth trying to find any logs from the client that explain the reason that the challenges could not be solved.

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I did try using acme-client auto to no effect. I am stuck in this unfortunate problem with no possible solution in sight

Do you mean the server logs? Tried looking into them, did not find anything there either.

Would you please tell me where can I look for the logs you are referring to?

Well your certificate has already expired and you now urgently need to renew so personally I would say use the proper certbot client and run it in standalone mode to get your new certificate then you can spend time later diagnosing what’s wrong with your acme-client.

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Yeah, I think you are right, would you please point me to a step by step guide on how to go about it?

Sorry, I am just new to use letsencrypt and ssl certs etc.

Thank you, I appreciate your help!


sudo mkdir /opt/cerbot
cd /opt/certbot
sudo wget

Then edit the file /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/

change the line where it says

authenticator = webroot


authenticator = standalone

Stop your web server

Apache >> sudo service apache2 stop
Nginx >> sudo service nginx stop

Then try and renew the cert (make sure you are in the dir /opt/cerbot)

cd /opt/certbot
sudo ./certbot-auto renew

If successful then restart your web server

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I am using a shared linux hosting server. Would not be possible to restart it.

Follow the guide but leave out the part about changing /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/ and simply run

sudo ./certbot-auto renew

So we can see what happens

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sudo command not found

and without sudo there is no permission to perform any actions

I think you are going to have to look through any log files for your acme-client to try and fix it. Unfortunately this is the problem with shared hosting environment where you do not have root access.

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Yeah, I guess you are right. This is terribly frustrating. I hope hosting providers provide better support for Lets Encrypt in the future.

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What operating system are you running on, please check with lsb_release -a

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I am running on Linux, that is the only detail they have provided.

I just noticed Outbound Port 80, 443, 465, 587 and 8080 were blocked. I have unblocked them now, let me try to renew the certificate now and will update you.


Let me know, holding thumbs for you :wink:


Yeah it worked, oh what a trivial issue! Apologies for wasting your time and Thank you for helping me out guys! :slight_smile:
Appreciate the help and your time.