Issue renewing certificate

Done this several time. Doing this from hotel this week and not able to renew

Is that a Raspbian host?

Have a read over Certbot-auto certificates fails while installing phyton packages with THESE PACKAGES DO NOT MATCH THE HASHES , in particular the bit about pip using piwheels.


I am on Debian stretch but this is first time i run into this issue during renewal .

Not clear what is the work around

The reason I ask about Raspbian is that I can see referenced in your screenshot, which is what that issue is about.

Normally, Debian Stretch does not use that - it’s specific to Raspberry Pi distributions. So I think it is more likely that you are using Raspbian or something similar.

The workaround is this specific comment:


Let me correct I am in raspian stretch but first time I get this error

Workaround work like a charm thanks

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