Is there any Let's encrypt renewal software for Windows, but with a GUI

I really apologise the community for asking such an unprofessional question, and on the same side I am very thankful to this community for being ever-supportive and always on the side of its newbies. I would just like to ask, if there is any GUI based renewal client for Let’s Encrypt. I am using XAMPP (in a highly modified form) to host my websites on Windows-based server and I am happy to use Apache rather than Microsoft’s IIS. I really got no luck with ACME CLI renewal clients for Let’s Encrypt. I encountered another client called Certify the Web, but although being such a nice client, it’s inclined towards IIS. So, I just wanted to ask if there is another such client with a GUI for windows??

A reply would be truly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all possible support :slight_smile:

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Does it need to be integrated with Apache? I.e., install the certificate too et cetera? Or is just getting and renewing the certificate enough?

Also, you specifically ask for a GUI for renewal of the certificate. Shouldn’t you want automatic renewal? So you wouldn’t need a GUI for that?

Also, it might be helpful to specify all the clients you’ve tried so far, especially from the list of ACME Client Implementations, and specify why it doesn’t work for you.

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I am a newbie and i am not able to work with a CLI client. Moreover, Certify the web is a GUI client that DOES have automatic renewal option but unluckily that is for IIS only. So I was asking for any (even third party software is ok) GUI client for XAMPP for windows.

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You didn’t answer the question. For example, you can use notepad.exe, which has a GUI, to edit the Apache configuration file to install the certificate. In that case, you don’t need the ACME client to actually install the certificate. It just needs to get a certificate issued.

So therefore my question was: does it actually need to install the certificate or is just getting the certificate with automatic renewal fine?

And the second question was, which wasn’t answered also in your post, which other clients from the ACME client list did you already try besides Certify the web?

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getting and renewing the certs would do very good… more than enough for me

I tried only win-acme

Why didn’t win-acme work? It seems to have some sort of Apache support, or at least some documentation about it.

You can use Certify the Web with Apache by means of scripting (

Certify is extensible via PowerShell scripts which can be configured to run before or after the Certificate Request (check Show Advanced Options and open the Scripting tab).

There is a pre-made script available in their docs which automatically exports the certificate to Aache and restarts the Apache service: . You could paste that into the scripting tab, customize the paths, and off you go.


Thank you so very much… seems like I need to try this scripting method now, will try it asap and revert back to you. Thanks for all the support!

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