Is there a revokation or not by partial renewing?

I have 6 domains: + + 4 others

  1. Now I have some working certificate from letsencrypt,, a.s.o.

  2. I successfully run a dry-run command to create a single certificate containing

On Fedora:
certbot certonly
--config-dir .
--work-dir .
--logs-dir log
--agree-tos --email a@b.b
--cert-name AAA-all-certificates
--dns-rfc2136 --dns-rfc2136-credentials letsencrypt.conf.ini
-d -d ''
-d -d ''
-d -d '*'

  1. My goal is
  1. My question is
  • does letsencrypt revokes my old certificates?
  • (I will migrate the other servers, but will remain as it is in any case)
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Both certificates may be active at the same time.


No, any future issuance doesn't affect previously issued certificates.


thank you; and I can renew both every 60 days?

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Yes, that's right. They will not affect each other's renewals.

With duplicative certificates, one thing to watch out for is rate limits.

However, with only 2 certificates, it is not something you need to worry about.


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