Is there a limit to how many Let's Encrypt SSL's you can install on a server?


Is there a limit to how many Let’s Encrypt SSL’s you can install on a server? I.E can we install one for every domain, over time?


You can have 5 certs in 7 days per domain and 100 SANs on a cert.


If they are for completely different domains, then the current limit for a single IP is 10 certificates per 3 hours, there are no other limits that I am aware of ( other than the time ones) which prevent you having as many certificates on the single server as you want.


This is incorrect.

Per Quick Start, the IP-bound rate limit is for registrations (i.e.: accounts). If all domains are issued through a single account, you should be just fine (short of the 5 certs/week per domain rate limit of course…)


Good point :slight_smile: I never could be right 100% of the time :smiley:


No problem of course :wink: Just wanted to make sure it’s as clear as possible to @blue-earth :slightly_smiling:


Understood and agreed - Needs to be as clear as possible for anyone coming along later and reading the thread to :slight_smile:


OK thanks for the input. Much appreciated.