Limitations to number of allowed certs to be installed under a single IP

Hello Team, We have 500+ domains hosted in one single server with single IP address. Can we install Letsencrypt SSL for all those 500+ domains with Single IP address. Whats the maximum number of allowed certificates for a single IP.


There isn't one. :slight_smile:

(Well... some of the API endpoints are limited to 20 HTTP requests per second.)

Depending on your ACME client design, you may run into issues with some of the rate limits (like pending authorizations, or account registrations) but they can be worked around.

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Thanks @mnordhoff for the update. So I can install certs for 100 domains (Different domainname pointing to same server same IP) in one day. I have gone through the links you provided and its mentioned that "The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (20 per week). " This is installing certs for a single domain name, right? Limited to install not more than 20certs for one particular domain name.

Right. 20 certificates per domain (e.g. or But you can issue certificates for thousands of different domains just fine.

If you issue a single certificate for multiple domains, it counts once for each one. E.g. if you created 1 certificate for the 4 names,,,, it would count once for and once for

The Certificates per Registered Domain rate limit is mainly a problem when someone wants to create new certificates adding or removing subdomains several times a day, or create certificates for thousands of subdomains of the same domain.

It sounds like the rate limits should be fine for you.

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Thanks for the detailed information @mnordhoff

Yes, if the domains are all different domains, there is no limit at all to the number of different certificates you can obtain. You can literally obtain 1,000,000 certificates in one day, as has actually been done before.

But if one certificate mentions and another mentions, you can only get 20 certificates per week like that. Each of those certificates could cover 100 different names (whether subdomains or other names or a combination of the two).

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