Is the word "certbot" has copyright?


As far as I know, the word “letsencrypt” is a trade mark.

How about the word “certbot” ?

For example: can I use the word in a project ?


@schoen Do you happen to know the answer to this?

I just asked some colleagues, who said that “Certbot” is a trademark and that a policy for its use is in progress.

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@cpu @schoen

Thank you all.

@schoen How long will it take for the new policy ?

Not really on topic, sorry, but @Neilpang it might be helpful to re-title as something like “Is the word Certbot trademarked ?” or “Is Certbot a trademark?”

Copyright and trademark are very different types of rights, protecting very different things, copyright broadly is trying to protect creative things from being copied without permission, some people (including me) think this is misguided and probably should be abandoned or much curtailed because it harms normal cultural processes of “remixing” other people’s ideas. In contrast trademark is trying to protect the marks we use to know what we’re getting, it’s serving basically the same purpose as weights and measures legislation.

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