What do we call the certificates you issue?

Non-critical question. But a real-life topic any way.

How are we supposed to name the certificates in common spoken English language?

I mean, “We have just obtained a ‘Let’s Encrypt Certificate’.” sounds horrible. Not to mention the use of the single quote within the name, which is a bit unpractical.

Any thoughts other than “We have just obtained an LE-cert.” or "We have just obtained a ‘Lecert’ "?

I agree, I’ve found that when I try to tell somebody about Let’s Encrypt in a face to face conversation, I have to slow down, speak very clearly, and enunciate. Otherwise, it sounds like I’m saying “Less Encrypt!” As they say, there are two hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation and naming things. It’s also confusing that “LE” is a common acronym for law enforcement.

All that said, it’s the name we’ve got, and I guess we need to learn to love it. I think your idea of saying aloud “LE cert” is the best one I’ve seen so far!


When I’ve been discussing them and “Let’s Encrypt Cert” sounds awkward or overly informal I call them “ISRG certs”. ISRG is the abbreviation used for the parent organization (Internet Security Research Group) in places like the transparentcy reports.