Is not supported CenOS 6?

hi guys

my server system is centos6.10
i use let's encrypt SSL have 3years
i received email , told me have to renewal url SSL..

the certbot-auto is not working now ...
how to renewal SSL on centos6 ?

i cant install snap in system ...

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CentOS 6 stopped receiving updates a couple of months ago. The CentOS team also took of its package mirrors offline; it's really dead.

Certbot doesn't support operating systems which are end-of-life.

If you had an existing certbot-auto installation, I think it should keep working. What's the error you get from certbot-auto --no-self-upgrade renew?

If you're trying to install it now, it's no longer possible. If you need a solution today, consider a solution like


CentOS 6 is end-of-life and doesn't get any updates any longer since November 2020. You might search the CentOS package manager for certbot, but even if it's in there, you might find yourself with a very ancient version of certbot.

If upgrading CentOS isn't an option (although I recommend it VERY much! Running end-of-life systems is never a good idea) and you can't install certbot on CentOS 6, you might want to look to other ACME clients.


thank a lot :slight_smile:
... i will upgrade my centos6 to 7

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