Can I install Certbot on Centos 6?

I'm wondering if it is possible (and ideally not too hard) to install certbot on Centos 6.1?

I've got an old server that runs it. I have command line access. There is no control panel. I know I should upgrade it, but upgrading it would be a massive pain - and the data isn't private so security isn't a large risk.

If it is possible, are there instructions for how to do this?

I'm a novice to intermediate linux user.

It's not possible, sorry! Certbot does not support Linux distributions which are end-of-life. CentOS 6 went EOL in 2020 and it's no longer safe to have a CentOS 6 system connected to the internet.

You might have luck with a client like lego which is statically linked and doesn't have any system dependencies. That said, CentOS 6's glibc might be slightly too old for even lego, I'm not sure.


I Think Centos 6 itself might not trust LE certificate: that's EOLd before DST x3 expire, right?


I'd likewise recommend updating the system to a supported OS, but even while CentOS 6 was supported, certbot didn't run on it without a bunch of messing around with software collections and the like. You'd probably have better luck with a less dependency-heavy client like


That is the original reason why I started to use another client that I am still maintaining as of today. At that time CentOS 6 was still supported and to make certbot run on it was a heavy process.


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