Certbot-Auto failing to renew (RHEL 6)


Our server is using RHEL 6. Certbot-auto was set up as a cron to renew certificates. It seems to have failed as of late.

The command im running is
./certbot-auto -renew

The error is

to use certbot on this operating system, packages from the scl repositary need to be installed.

I have googled this error and I cant seem to be able to download the repo.

Any help would be appreciated

certbot-auto has long been deprecated, and I don't think (even with Software Collections) EL/CentOS 6 (which has been EOL for over a year) supports the necessary versions of the necessary packages to run modern certbot. If you can't upgrade to a supported OS, I'd suggest one of the more lightweight clients like acme.sh.


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