Is adding a SAN to a cert counted as a new cert?

I have read the docs on rate limits but I’m still unsure on this

The project I’m working on will mean that new SANs will be added often to a cert with the same registered domain (more than 20 times per week) The amount of SANs on the 1 cert will be capped at 100 though

we also will eventually have this happening on multiple domains, is there a limit on how many different registered domains we can have?

Does adding these SANs count towards the limit of 20 new certs per week?

Thnaks in advance for any help!

Every “modification” to a certificate (adding SAN(s), removing SAN(s), renewal) is in essence a new certificate.

Thanks for clearing that up, do you know if there is a limit on the number of registered domains?

Number of registered domains, not specifically ‘bound’ to a certificate, but to your account? Not that I know of.

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