Invalid certificate

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My domain is:

Invalid Certificate

I update this website but I am not a programmer :slight_smile:
Can you help me?

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Do you recall how the last cert was obtained or installed?
[I realize it expired over a year ago and you may not recall - but I have to ask]

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I have no idea may be one of our colleague gone now

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Well then we start with nothing…
Let’s figure out which ACME client you have.
Try all of these and reply with findings:
which certbot
which certbot-auto
which letsencrypt
which letsencrypt-auto

and also:
sudo crontab -l

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it it chinese for me…could you explain step by step? sorry

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Do you have root access to the system?
[SSH or Putty]

even further up / simpler…

Do you know where the site is hosted and how it is managed?

Did I lose you?
Am I speaking geek?

If you had to make a change to the site, could you?
If so, how do you make changes?

I can make some changes, like permissions, creating events and notes.


Can we speak with whomever set it all up for you?
Is there a “control panel” ?

the guy is not available, that’s why I am contacting you to try do find a solution

I found this

Understood but I’m trying to fly an alien spaceship blindly!

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Whom do you pay for hosting and such?
Does the bill show what your getting?

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hum, no, the guy does not want to reveal this information because there are several clients on its servor

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What guy?
Can we speak to this “guy”?
Can he help with getting you a new cert?

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The guy who has created the site.
it is not his priority…

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Then the system is under “lock and key”.
He is the only one with a “key”.

There is no documentation of the design/implementation.

You are at his mercy.

I don’t think anyone can do anything for you under the current circumstances.

My best advice: Change the circumstances.
Move your site somewhere else.

FYI: The cert expired more than one year ago…
What has he done for you in that time? ZERO
How much has he charged in that time?
[whatever that answer - it was too much]

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He is volunteer, like me.
I’ve left another message. Let’s hope. Otherwise, I will create a new site, simple and easy to manage

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Can he “volunteer” some information?

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yeah I hope so :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: