Intermediate/Root Certificate

My domain is:

I have test my ssl on many ssl checker and they say that my ssl is incomplete.
I remembered that I have the ca_bundle that the root/intermediate certificate was there so my Question is where and how can I install the root/intermediate?

Or I was mistaken that I can’t install the root certificate…
Please help…

You need to use fullchain.pem rather than cert.pem in your nginx configuration.

BTW I am using cpanel to install my cert or Apache I think

If you manually need the intermediate, you can get the one that is relevant for your certificate from .

You don’t need the root, because attaching the root is useless.

So do you have anything that how can I install this?

I don’t know, that depends how your domain is hosted.

Externally your domain appears to be hosted by an nginx server, but if you are using cPanel like you claim, you can go to SSL/TLS Manager in cPanel and re-install the certificate, remembering the include the intermediate when prompted.

I inserted the cert.
But I don’t know but many ssl checker like comodo say it is incomplete,
BTW thank you for your response! :grinning:

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