Install an Intermediate/chain certificate to link it to a trusted root certificate


Hi guys,

I hope someone can advise me on this as it has me stumped (yes, I am a newbie)

I am running an installation using serverpilot running; ubuntu16.04.1 and has nginx running as the webserver. I installed the lets encrypt using this link and then proceeded to install the certs using this link

It returns that the cert is installed but that I need to install an intermediate/chain certificate to link to a trusted root certificate. If I replace the cert.pem with fullchain.pem it returns no ssl installed.

Any ideas?

site is

PS It should be noted that this is a multisite install so if there are any changes required to accomodate it, I am more than happy to listen.


you obtain the intermediate certificate here

the syntax for nginx ssl configurations can be found here:


The Serverpilot instructions mention two files


The equivalent files produced by Certbot / letsencrypt will be named


You say that it “returns no ssl installed” but I don’t recognise this message. Can you flesh that out a bit more, what message exactly are you seeing, and where ?


If yourdomain_com.crt is the leaf cert, which I’m not certain of, then the exact equivalent would be cert.pem (though using fullchain.pem is preferable for almost everyone).


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