Installing SSL on IONOS shared Hosting: is it possible?

My domain is:
I’m not really a techie, so I can’t answer all those questions. Here’s what I do k ow:

My hosting provider is: IONOS France
My site runs on

I might have SSH access via IONOS.

CPanel is not available on IONOS shared hosting

I used the Wordpress Plugin SSL Zen to downloaded the Lets Encrypt certificate files for my website. But I can not find a way to instal the certificate because IONOS does not have access to CPanel.

I tried installing the certificate via Filezilla Server. I followed the instructions online but I didn’t seem to be able to connect to the serve.

Maybe there is a way to do instal the certificate via PLESK? But honestly, I don’t really understand what PLESK is.

I have several small websites and 30 euros per year for each site to have SSL from IONOS seems pretty pricey.

I really want to find a way to get free HTTPS through Let’s Encrypt.

Thanks so much for any help.

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Hi @worldbiking

nobody knows your configuration. Start with

If you use shared hosting, your options are limited.

If your hoster doesn’t allow the installation of own certificates, you can’t install a Letsencrypt certificate.

So ask Ionos.

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