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Is there a way to use let’s encrypt with the German webhosting service 1&1? I haven’t found a possibility to install user generated SSL certificates. All I found was an option to order an SSL certivicate via And in that case only one certificate per account. (Even though I am running several domains from one account, each with a separate http directory).

This was also the information from the tech support who told me that ssl means that first the server is located via IP which according to the tech support also means that there can only be ONE certificate for ONE domain per hosting account, even when you are running more than one domain from that account.

Is this information correct or is there a way to use let’s encrypt with 1und1 webhosting? If not: is that a problem with other big webhosters as well? Can you recommend webhosters that will allow you to run several domains with SSL via let’s encrypt?

On the technical level that was correct before SNI was widespread, but since about 3-4 years it is. If they still use that reasoning it means they’re stuck in the past by that amount of time and you seriously should consider moving to another hoster. A german hoster I can recommend that’s very very liberal about all this stuff and more is Uberspace.

I know of two (German) hosting services with support for user generated SSL certificates in specific shared hosting plans. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to link them here (?).

  • I’m a customer of a shared hosting plan and recently upgraded my plan to upload user generated (letsencrypt) SSL certs. The plan costs <10€/monthly