Installing Let's Encrypt on a 1and1 hosted site

I currently have a site registered and hosted with 1and1( via their web hosting basic package, so I guess it is shared web hosting, but I’m wondering if anyone’s been able to install lets encrypt TLS on this stack. If so, how does one go about this?


Hi @rcmin17,

Someone said it was supported through the Plesk control panel:

Maybe that's not applicable to every plan, though?

Hi @schoen,

I’ve done a reasonable amount of research on the issue of 1and1 + Let’s Encrypt. While there is conflicting information and I haven’t managed to reconcile the existence of all of it with each other, I feel safe saying that it is definitely possible. I was informed by my confused and self-contradictory customer service agent that my plan does not include Plesk access, but I’ve also seen it reported that manual installation is also possible on 1and1, which makes sense, as I, in theory, have shell access via SSH, as well as the ability to control and edit .htaccess.

But the customer service agent, who, again, seemed really confused, did try to tell me just now that externally supplied SSL certificates aren’t supported, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

In any event, I’m looking for the straight-forward and up to date “how” to do the installation



The easiest option would be integration inside of some kind of control panel that you do use. On a shared hosting plan, you will probably not be able to import a certificate except via a control panel or a request to tech support. If the control panel is able to issue the certificate too, that’s even simpler.

Some people on shared hosting have used a command-line client over SSH, such as, Certbot, or some other client, and then imported the resulting certificate through a control panel. A bash client (with fewer dependencies) might be easier than Certbot on a shared hosting plan where you don’t have root access.

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