Help with getting an SSL certificate

I was wondering how I’d get an ssl certificate from Let’s Encrypt and how I’d get it on a 1&1 domain

Hi @haydenbrown,

There are lots of ways to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, but on 1&1 I would suggest following their instructions:

If these aren’t applicable to your individual 1&1 hosting setup, please tell us more about your hosting environment!

Ok. The only thing is, I’m also looking for a file SSL certificate. Could you tell me how I would get that, it’s for a seperate (kind of) project

Can you explain what you mean by “a file SSL certificate”?

Do you happen to mean a certificate for code-signing? Those are not offered by Let’s Encrypt as the verification steps are much more in-depth for code-signing certificates. As such, these incur much steeper costs than domain-validated server identification certificates.

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