Installing Certbot on CentOS 6, Plesk 11.5



I am running Plesk 11.5.30 on CentOS 6.6; however, I don’t want to upgrade to Plesk 12.5 yet, hence cannot use the Plesk extension for LetsEncrypt. [ ]

Can I still safely install and use Certbot?

I ran ./certbot-auto, and it is poised to install, but I see it wants to install/upgrade a lot of packages:

 python-pip                   noarch            7.1.0-1.el6                            epel               1.5 M
 python-tools                 x86_64            2.6.6-66.el6_8                         updates            871 k
 ca-certificates              noarch            2015.2.6-65.0.1.el6_7                  base               1.2 M
 gcc                          x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base                10 M
 mod_ssl                      x86_64            1:2.2.15-55.el6.centos.2               updates             97 k
 python                       x86_64            2.6.6-66.el6_8                         updates             76 k
 python-devel                 x86_64            2.6.6-66.el6_8                         updates            173 k
 redhat-rpm-config            noarch            9.0.3-51.el6.centos                    base                60 k
Installing for dependencies:
 tix                          x86_64            1:8.4.3-5.el6                          base               252 k
 tk                           x86_64            1:8.5.7-5.el6                          base               1.4 M
 tkinter                      x86_64            2.6.6-66.el6_8                         updates            258 k
Updating for dependencies:
 cpp                          x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               3.7 M
 gcc-c++                      x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               4.7 M
 gcc-gfortran                 x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               4.7 M
 httpd                        x86_64            2.2.15-55.el6.centos.2                 updates            834 k
 httpd-devel                  x86_64            2.2.15-55.el6.centos.2                 updates            156 k
 httpd-tools                  x86_64            2.2.15-55.el6.centos.2                 updates             79 k
 libgcc                       i686              4.4.7-17.el6                           base               114 k
 libgcc                       x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               103 k
 libgfortran                  x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               268 k
 libgomp                      x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               134 k
 libstdc++                    i686              4.4.7-17.el6                           base               302 k
 libstdc++                    x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               295 k
 libstdc++-devel              x86_64            4.4.7-17.el6                           base               1.6 M
 python-libs                  x86_64            2.6.6-66.el6_8                         updates            5.3 M

I don’t want to break Plesk or any of the services, so I’m concerned about all these installations and updates.

Any help much appreciated.



I used the bash client instead, GetSSL,

Very easy – once the certificate was created, I just copied and pasted into a new cert in Plesk. It’s working.


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