Installation of SSL Certificate on Dedicated Server

I shall like to get an SSL certificate for The domain is hosted on a dedicated server.

Please help.

Start here:

hi @parmindersinghaziz

Your question is far too open for anyone to be able to provide meaningful answers

At the minimum you should specify your Web Server Version, Operatining System

You can also google letsencrypt + web server + operating system - there are plenty of guides out there

Youtube also have lots of useful walkthroughs

If you are not confident with the tutorials you find then explain what is confusing and someone should be able to assist

Choosing how you obtain your certificates is completely up to you


A different user had posted a follow-up message here pointing to a Symantec reseller with a free trial service.

I don’t object to people mentioning services of other CAs on this forum if they are clearly better than Let’s Encrypt for a specific user’s needs or use case. Using another CA can be the best choice for some users, and some of them offer things that Let’s Encrypt doesn’t offer, such as wildcard certificates, EV, and validity periods longer than 90 days.

However, in this case there was no indication that Symantec services are more useful or relevant in any way for this particular question or use case. Therefore, I regard the post in question as commercial spam and have deleted it.


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