Ssl by symantec for one domain and let's encrypt for other domains on dedicated server

I am running Let’s Encrypt for some of the my domains hosted on digital ocean dedicated server.

I recently moved a new site on digital ocean that is running with ssl by Symantec and i want to continue with it instead of Let’s Encrypt .

So my question is , is it possible to use Symantec For one domain and let’s encrypt with rest for of the domains.

Can i install/Use Symantec Certificate without any kind of problem or conflict with Let’s Encrypt .

Yes, you can use different certificates for different domains, even if they come from different certificate authorities.

Please note that in order to use different certificates with different domains (regardless if they are from the same CA or different ones) with a server that only has one IP address, your web server software must use a feature of SSL/TLS called Server Name Indication, which is not available on Internet Explorer for Windows XP, the stock Android 2.x browser, and some other very old browsers.

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