Installation correctly happened but https not working

Hi All,

I installed the certbot package on ubuntu xenial. And then ran the following:

letsencrypt certonly --webroot -w /var/www/dangeloint/ -d -d

It worked fine but https is not working for both the domains I had requested certs for.

Thanks for your help.

You’ve used the webroot plugin in certonly mode. certonly means the client (letsencrypt, now known as certbot) will only obtain the certificate and store it on disk for you (in /etc/letsencrypt/live/ in your case). The missing step is adding some configuration to your existing web server to enable SSL/TLS and start using the certificate and private key generated by the client.

It looks like you’re using apache, which means you could use the apache plugin instead, following these instructions. The main advantage is that your apache configuration will automatically be amended to enable SSL/TLS. If you’d rather perform these steps manually, Mozilla’s SSL Configuration Generator might be a good starting point.

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