Install Of Certificates Using SFTP Protocols

Hi, I am nervous using ssh (putty) in case I mess anything up accidentally however,

I am much more confident if i can see whats where with a software like WinSCP which uses putty but has a more graphical interface,

can anyone guide me to a simple manual install (apache centos) without doing it so “blind”


Hi @wiziwiz,

Certbot is a command-line program which expects you to type specific commands and interact with the program textually. SFTP is just for uploading files, which is a different thing even though both use the SSH protocol for security.

There are many alternatives to Certbot and many of them will allow you to get a certificate without running commands on your server. However, you would still have to install the certificate somehow, which requires modifying the Apache configuration files.

Thanks for the tip!

I will follow the instructions.

hi @wiziwiz

I don’t think you have explained your problem space

Putty and WinSCP are SFTP clients. They will transfer the certificates for you but they will not install them

Can I confirm a couple of things

A) Are you trying to use a windows based client to generate the certificates and then install them on a Linux Machine
B) It is possible to upload the certificates to a folder eg /etc/mycerts and have a web browsers to point to those certificates
C) Apache needs a restart after you upload the certificates - how are you planning to do that?


While technically what you are describing is possible you are trying to use tools that are designed to move files to do more than that

As an aside - SFTP is a subset of SSH and most SFTP sessions for security reasons do not allow an interactive shell (i.e. let you run commands like service restart)


Careful with equating these two: PuTTY is also an interactive SSH client for using a remote command-line session on a server! Many users will, for example, run Certbot on their servers via PuTTY.

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Thanks for the concern - I will ask my hosting provider to do the install and restart,

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