How to run on Windows

I have been recommended to try Let’s Encrypt to replace my expired SSL certificate, but am having a difficulty running CertBot, as I am using a Windows computer.

My website is hosted on a UK2 linux based web server running apache 2.4.41, I have FTP access to the site files and the hosting provider offers a quick and easy tool to upload and install CRT files and other content needed for the certificate. The hosting provider gives no information on which linux it is using, and does not show up on either the list of supported providers, or the list of not supported providers.
The only thing I need to do is generate the content of those files on my computer, which CertBot is apparently unable to do. I have been linked to a long list of alternatives, but there is no information given there on the differences between them, whether any of them are compatible with my setup, and which if any would be best suited to my situation.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

you can use win-acme with the ftp validation plugin, and then upload your certificate:

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