Install certificates generated with in Tomcat

I thank you in advance the support they can give me, It is the first time I try to enable https in Tomcat, I initially tried to install the Client Software of letsencrypt (, but I had many problems running the script: “$ ./letsencrypt-auto --help”, and thus and then of review the wiki, I opt for the alternative with, after performing the steps on the web in question, I succeeds in obtaining the following files:

  1. Domain certificate - domain.crt
  2. Intermediate certificate - intermediate.pem

Likewise, in the process, you can also get the following files:

  • Account Public Key - account.key
  • TLS private key - domain.key

Then to follow each of the steps, were generated files of items 1 and 2 satisfactorily, but I failed to install in Apache Tomcat 7.0.69.

I have found various internet pages that containing similar information to that published in, but even I can not to enable Tomcat with https, I imagine there are some steps that I’m letting pass, It would be helpful if there were a procedure for using the files generated with for Tomcat, once more, Thanks in advance for your support.

Check the instructions on the page you linked for “Prepare the Certificate Keystore”. You’re importing an existing certificate, so follow the steps there. You’ll probably also need to grab the CA certificate linked in the Lets Encrypt site. Get the DST one and use that for CAfile.

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