Indiegogo Campaign


Hey LetsEncrypt,

Back in 2016 when you did your fund raising campaign on Indiegogo (here), I was able to successfully donate.

However I just remembered I was supposed to receive a perk/gift which I am yet to receive. Are these still being sent out?



Hello, please DM me with your name and email address and I’ll look into it!


Hi Sarah,

I cant seem to find a link on here to DM you, though I can email you if you can let me know your email?


Hi @caroseuk,

If you click @SarahGran’s username a little window will show with details about the user and a blue “Message” button in the top right corner of the window that can be pressed to send a direct message.


I did try that, but for some reason, I only see her name and badges. No other buttons or boxes.


Very curious! Sorry about the trouble!

In that case @SarahGran’s email is sarah.gran (at symbol)


Super thanks! will email her now :slight_smile:


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