Ty very much for awesome awesome product and project


With using https://github.com/Lone-Coder/letsencrypt-win-simple software i have one click installed SSL to my 2 domains and 2 sub domains

I really would like to donate to you guys but i cant use paypal anymore since it is restricted in Turkey

If you have skrill option i can donate to your skrill account happily :slight_smile:

And the funny part how i found you is, the wining and thief tactic of comodo :smiley:

I have saw the article on arstechnica :smiley:

Now i dont have to pay 40$ to comodo every year ^^ and i dont have to manually install the certificates

here my domains for who wonder they are web based games


by the way i am serious about skrill if you have. i would like to donate 20$


Awesome, thanks for the support! It’s really great to hear from happy users of the service.

We don’t have a skrill account, but it’s good to know that PayPal is restricted in Turkey. We’ll keep that in mind as we evaluate service providers for donations. For now, your goodwill and thanks are enough! :slight_smile:


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