In case you thought it never happened


In case the folks at Let’s Encrypt thought it never happened (given all the postings on the forum) …

My LE renewals, using DNS and, went completely as planned, and were entirely uneventful. Everything fell right into place, and the automatic renewal took place in the wee hours while I slumbered, entirely without incident.

In short, LE staff and personnel, once again, “well done!”


Underrated point! There’s ~50 million Registered Domains protected by Let’s Encrypt, that’s a lot of missing threads about good experiences :slight_smile: .


Yes! Yes! Yes! :raised_hands: :love_you_gesture:
Thanks to a lot of hard work by so many!

…and we now return you to your regularly scheduled program: :sleeping_bed: :zzz:

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Has anyone ever complained when something works correctly?

This is why you really shouldn’t judge a product or service based on it’s support forums.

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