Iis 8, windows 2012 server, mixed certs then renew let's encrypt

hello, how can i solving the problem folowing?
Bindings no problem…

Yesterday, Renew aliengin.net then other domains mixed:
gunlukreklam.com (Rapid SSL)
koltuks.com (Rapid)
koltuktamircim.com (Let’s Encrypt)

Please try to describe your problem more deeply.
E.g. what do you mean by “other domains mixed”?

i can’t upload screenshoot photo.
please click to : www.gunlukreklam.com

Google Chrome message:

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from www.gunlukreklam.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more
Subject: aliengin.net
Issuer: Let’s Encrypt Authority X3
Expires on: Feb 18, 2018
Current date: Nov 21, 2017

gunlukreklam.com and some domains using Rapid SSL. But i was renew aliengin.net then problem

1.Please check your bindings [443], if its correct
2. check your rewrite rule inside web.config file
Please make sure proper link is written there.

Bindings or other settigns no problem.

Server Certs Screenshoot:
Red Underline problem.

I am using letsencrypt.exe


you have generated the certs for domain name without www.
you need to allow both www and non www .For solving this you can write a rewrite rule to open either www.domain.com or domain.com . This will solve the problem.
Use already generated certificates . do not generate multiple certs.

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web config not problem!
iis setting not problem!
This is the current problem, the same problem has been repeated in the past. How did I solve it? I sent an e-mail to support.
We do not offer support via email. I recommend asking your question on
our community forums:

Our community is typically very helpful.
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