Second IIS binding not updated on renewal? - letsencrypt-win-simple

A possible error in renewal algorithm:

I have IPv6 and IPv4 set up on On 27.06.2017 a new certificate was issued and the website stopped being accessible on IPv4. After selecting the new certificate manually in IIS for the IPv4 binding it started working.

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Hi @TomaszAndraszek,

Could you specify which Let’s Encrypt client application you’re using in order to be more likely to attract the attention of someone connected with that project?

Oops, sorry, probably should have logged it there:

hi @TomaszAndraszek

Certbot is the official client and is the one EFF and Let’s Encrypt work with

Saying that you have the Github for the author of letsencrypt-win-simple so the best thing to do is to submit an issue on that github


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