I want to get SSL for my shared host (cpanel) and domain

how can I do it? my domain is


It looks as if you route all your traffic through cloudflare currently, so I can’t easily determine your host.

Do you have the option in your cpanel to add an SSL certs yourself ? (if you do, there will be an SSL section ). If not, you will need to ask your host to add it for you - and they may charge for that ( it’s worth asking first, before going through the process of getting a certificate, and then finding they charge you a fee every few months which doesn’t make it worth while.

yeah there is this option to add the SSL certs to my host for the domain name(s) I want two certs for both my main domain and the image sub domain. :relieved:

OK, great.

The easiest option is probably one of the alternate clients which use the DNS challenge (since you use cloudflare DNS ) do you have easy access to a linux computer (other than the server ) ? or what is the OS of your normal desktop computer ?

well I don’t have linux, I am not even familiar with linux.I use windows 10, and have always been using Windows.

I can thing of 4 options you can use

  1. You can wait a short time, until cpanel has included letsencrypt in it’s latest stable version, and talk to your host about them using the latest cpanel and supporting it

  2. Use the latest Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on windows 10, then use one of the bash clients

  3. install cygwin on windows, then use one of the bash alternatives

  4. install one of the bash alternatives on your server

  5. install virtualbox on your windows computer, and run linux in that.

If you don’t mind waiting a month or so, then option 1 is probably best.

If you don’t mind a small amount of learning basic linux, then I’d suggest option 2.

If you have SSH access to your server ( probably not, but possible on a shared server) then option 4 is probably the easiest.

oh I have SSH access :smiley: so I guess I will go with that option. then what shall I do in SSH?

I'll assume that you have an SSH client on your windows ( putty ? ) and know how to start that and connect. If not ask.

On your server I'd download a bash client ( at the top level, above your public_html )

a simple bash client can be installed using

curl --silent https://raw.githubusercontent.com/srvrco/getssl/master/getssl > getssl ; chmod 700 getssl

add the file for adding to cloudflare dns

curl --silent https://raw.githubusercontent.com/srvrco/getssl/master/dns_scripts/dns_add_cloudflare > dns_add_cloudflare; chmod 700 dns_add_cloudflare

add the file for deleting the token from cloudflare

curl --silent https://raw.githubusercontent.com/srvrco/getssl/master/dns_scripts/dns_del_cloudflare > dns_del_cloudflare; chmod 700 dns_del_cloudflare

You will need to edit the two dns files to add your email address and cloudflare API key

you can the run

getssl -c domain.com

where domain.com is your domain
if you want to PM me with your domain name, I'll tell you the details of the config file to edit if you like.

just got approved for adsense, ads started showing in the site. now a bit scared to move to https. not sure how it will turn out when moving to https from http when having adsense. :worried:

You will be fine. See


and just adjust what you need to to adapt to the change - it is just removing the ‘http’ part of the link.

No problems… :smiley:

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