I need to raise my rate limit of certificates per week

I’m a student and i need to do a project soon and I make mistakes sometimes managing linux and managing the virtualhosts of the “conf” archive and i got mess and i have to delete my vps and start it from scratch and request the certificate again, please that would be really helpful,
my domain is "igoded.com"
thank you,

You can issue a certificate once, save it (certificate+private key) on another place and re-use it after reinitialization of your virtual machine. Further more, there is no need at all to reinitialize a VPS as long as it boots, but that is another topic.

thank you! I’ll investigate about that and i will! I hope I do not have to wait a week for that

please i don’t have so much time!:frowning:

Hi @igoded,

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with your server.

The best way to avoid this situation going forward is to use the staging environment. It has much higher rate limits so you can practice setting things up without getting stuck like this. Once you have things working you can switch to the production environment. I definitely recommend that next time!

Looking at the Certificate Transparency logs I suspect you’re hitting the Duplicate Certificate limit of 5 a week. (See our rate limits documentation for more information). There isn’t a way to raise this limit for your case.

Since this is the Duplicate limit one idea is to add another domain or subdomain to the certificate you’re requesting. E.g. you can’t issue another cert for just igoded.com and www.igoded.com until next week but you can issue a certificate for igoded.com, www.igoded.com and test.igoded.com (you can use any domain you control in place of test.igoded.com).

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You could also try registering a new “test” domain.
NameCheap.com is doing .win domains for only 48 cents for the first year.
Or you could signup for a dynamic DNS domain (dyn.com, noip.com)

That’s certainly an option but the advantage of just adding another subdomain like test.igoded.com is that it can be done without additional cost :slight_smile:

Yes, but there are other options and other readers.
And https://www.noip.com/remote-access offers FREE Dynamic DNS.

Since my last post I have:

  1. registered a new account with NOIP
  2. created a webpage for the dynamic FQDN
  3. obtained RSA and ECC certs from LE (not listed yet) https://crt.sh/?q=rg305.ddns.net
  4. hardened the site and got an A+ at SSLlabs.com

And all for FREE (outside of the hosting) and way under 1 hour using only spare moments.

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