I need increase limits how I can do it

Hi I have a problem) This is my fall - I remove letsencrypt folder and have 7 days limits, site is down force to http doesn’t work correctly because cache of browsers & I need cert to up https with signed connection to force to http
How I can increase limits a little?

I guess you talk about the " Duplicate Certificate limit of 5 certificates per week"? Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

You can't, but you can probably avoid that limit by generating a certificate for more domains:
If your certificate was for "www.example.com and example.com" try generate a certificate for "www.example.com, example.com and somethingelse.example.com".

To avoid these problem in the future, when experimenting you should use the staging environment: Staging Environment - Let's Encrypt

@tdelmas Thanks a lot for tip - to use additional subdomain - its help!

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