I messed up completly!

I was testing my website on a testbench and forgot the sandbox mode and now on our public server i cant create a new SSL certificate as we reached the limit so currently no one can access our webpanel / billing / Forums

is there any other way of getting a spot back so i can apply the certificate to my current domain?

Assuming you’ve hit the “Duplicate Certificate” limit (5 per week) and not the “Certificates per Registered Domain Limit” (50 per week), you might be able to evade the limit by including an additional subdomain on your certificate.

For example, if you’re trying to issue a certificate for:

  • example.org
  • www.example.org

and it’s complaining about too many duplicate certificates, try changing your certificate request to be for:

  • example.org
  • www.example.org
  • im-a-bad-boy.example.org

Of course, you’ll need to actually perform the validation process for the subdomain you add.


thank god it worked, thanks! <3

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