I have been use letcencrypte create a certificate, but it show unsecure

Hi All

i have been use letsencrypt to create a certificate . but when i use nginx to set up the certificate. the website show ensecure NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

website domain is :http://www.angusyang.com angusyang.com

how to resolve it?

you in the beta invited group with whitelisted domains https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/beta-program-announcements/1631 ? if not you won’t have trusted LE SSL certificates until you apply and submit your domains to the beta invite group

It looks like you issued your certificate using the staging server. Have you gotten an email telling you you are part of the private beta? If so, make sure to pass the --server flag provided in that email.

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i do not accept any invite or register any to that test

i know your meaning.

looks like i should test the certificate 12/03 when letsencrypt has open test.

thanks very much

i am not a member in private beta

i wait for 12/03 to test again.

thanks for your reply.

you can also just register for the beta, makes stuff a lot fater to happen.